Top 5 free unlimited calling app for android 2017

Hello friends,As you know in Today's fast world people don't get Time for meetings that's why generally they prefer calling methods
For their work and people face many problems if their clients are from other countries.
But as u know some could afford all expensive methods for calling but not everyone can not afford the same ..
So today I am sharing a Very useful trick by Which you can do unlimited calls any where any time with no restriction..
How it is different From other methods?
  You haven't to sign up for this Your  number Will not show It's requires less data You can call nationally as well as internationally  It's very easy as compared to others
It's totally free From every side Good quality of calling

Howy to use it?

 It's very easy to use and easy going proceed and totally free from every side but in some of the other methods we have to follow some instructions and other things which is totally a time waste  so it's very effective as compare to otherSo now I am revealing that website by you can do all this thing's.
Also I am giving a proper guidelines how to use it properly.    
So I  think you are excited to know about it....... 
do you?(make a free phone call online now)

So let's get started


Make Free Phone Calls in 3 Steps

You can now make free online calls right from your web browser. With PopTox, there is no need to download any app or plug-in. You can now call via internet as long as you have a modern web browser such as Chrome. The first step to making free calls is to open your web browser and go to
Enter phone number
Enter Phone Number
Once you are on PopTox home page, you will see a dialpad. Select the country from the drop down that you want to call and enter the destination phone number. You will not be required to enter the country code. Just select the destination country from the drop down and enter the phone number without the country code.
Free call
Click on "Call"
Make sure you have entered a correct number in the right format. Once the number is entered, simply click on the “Call” button on the bottom of the display. You will be prompted to allow Poptox to access your mic. Click on “Allow” for us to connect your call. Make sure to not “Deny” mic permission

2.  Call2friends 

Call2friend is rank of second position for calling .this app is very help full for calling purpose . If you make a prank his friends so you can use in this app. I'm telling you how to make a  call with call2friend on this bottom πŸ‘‡

                                 Free call

2. Than show on your display like this

3. Than put you friend Mobile number with country code(for India+91) .click on Green bottom  Which is visible in the phone.                     
4. Connect your call wait only 30 second.     

3.  citrustel                                                        

                 Citrustel is rank of 3rd position for calling .its very useful tools so you can use this site for prank calls.if you interested than follow my all steps.                                                           

1. Click on this πŸ‘‡

                            Free call
2.Than show on your display like thisπŸ‘‡

3. Than put you friend Mobile number with country code(for India+91) .click on Green bottom Which is visible in the phone.

4. crazy call 

Crazy call is rank of 4th position for calling. It is an ultimate tool for making prank calls and fooling your friends.  In this you can change your caller id.  And when you call to someone then that person see the id or phone number of person that you want.  Isn't that exciting and also you can change the voice you can edit the pitch of your call. 
I think you are now excited to know more about it and if you want to use this so follow my steps. 

1.Go to your browser and type crazy call. 

2.Click on crazy call then you see a interface like  

3. After clicking on crazy call you will able to see a interface like in above picture 

4. Now select your country from where you are calling.

5. Then choose the caller ID that you want display on your friends phone.

6. Then write your friends phone number whom you want to call (prank) 

7. Then click on the last option get me the code after that they will ask for your number that currently you are using so write down your correct mobile number so that you can get the code and when you receive the code then write it into it  


WhatsApp call is rank 5 postion for calling you can use for free calling with WhatsApp. You can do both video calls and audio calls via WhatsApp Calling with low charge. so if you interested in whatapp calling so follow my steps.                                    

1. Firstly open your WhatsApp

2. Go to friend profile 

3. Click voice call and after sometime before connect your call


After doing all these steps your call will automatically connected to your friend  and  he will not see yours phone number. he will see the another number that u want to show him.. 

So i hope you enjoyed by doing this it's very interesting 

And if you find any query or difficulty in this you may free to ask in the comment box

And friends if you like it then share it with your friends... 

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