How to install Android x-86 [nougat 7.0] on your Pc hard-drive (dual boot)

How to install Android x-86 nougat ISO

How to install Android x-86 [nougat 7.0]on your Pc hard-drive (dual boot)

1.Download the Android x-86 nougat iOS software from browser Send it to USB
2.Insert USB min of 4GB and download ISO file and start

  • Device:: name
  • Partition scheme and system::  type MBR partition scheme of BIOS or UEFI
  • File system:: FAT32[default] 
  • Cluster size:: default
  • New volume:: depend of you(volume)
  • Format options:: click on all boxes[✓]and click a side box[like πŸ’½] and select iOS file

3.After completing make partition of GRUB PC for Android to be install of minimum 16GB disk size and
4.Format you PC and than reboot but reboot with USB
5.Android X86 install in to HDD
6.Choose separate FAT32 formatting partition install
7.Do not again format and the bootloader GRUB
8.than it show you in window partition and to made boot system for your window than click"yes"
9.choose skip for EFI GRUB
10.choose "yes" to made read and write.
11.Now you have to create a data.img(img as extension is important) and choose "yes" and select the size i.e 1024MB
12.Finally reboot your pc then select the Android is from GRUB bootloader(menu)​
13.Than finally complete your process and successfully installed you Android x-86 7.o nougat (ISO) in your pc

  You can watch on YouTube how to install Android nougat 7.0 on this

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