How to use Friends Facebook without friends permission

How to use Friends Facebook without friends permission

Hello friends,Irregardless of the security concerns that Facebook has suffered for many years, most people are stuck around and new members stay on joining. It has led Facebook to break record numbers with more 1.94 and approximately 1.28 billion daily active users

We share our life on Facebook We share our birthday and our anniversary We share our vacation plans and places. We share the births of our sons and the deaths of our ancestors. We share our most beloved moments and our most painful thoughts. We reveal every aspect of our life, clinical psychologists have written all the books, in which a surprisingly broad impact has been expanded on our feelings and relationships on Facebook. But we know friend some

We use Facebook as a tool to connect, but there are people who use that connectivity for malicious purposes. We show that what other people can use against us know that when we are not home and how long we went, they know the answers to our security questions, people can practically steal our identity - and it is visible Along with the information, we deliberately remove it through our public Facebook profile.
।The biggest part is that as we become more comfortable with the progress in technology, we actually become more sensitized for hacking. As we have shared publicly in our search for data, we have not adequately adequately assist hackers, they know that to steal every other part of our lives in our email and Facebook accounts Can we get eyes which we steal
Than friends I telling you how to use friends Facebook without his permission.....😉 Fellow my steps

1. Click on this link and you will go to anomor or z-shadow but friends z-shadow is good than anomor.




2. make your account on this site (z-shadow)

3. Copy this link and than send your friend 
4.when your friend open your link than as like facebook page show on his phone.
5.than As soon as 

How to  you find friend I'd in your anomor id.???

Than you come in your anomor id and you will go to my victim and see your friend I'd password.....

How to use you can see of this video


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