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How to install Android O Beta on Google Smartphones

How to install Android O Beta on Google Smartphones

Hello friends today I come with a amazing news that Android O Beta Update  is available. but is to inform that this update is only for selected phones that are- Nexus 5s, Nexus 6p, Nexus player, Google pixel C, Google pixel, Google Pixel XL, and Samsung Galaxy S7 etc.  If some body have any of the above phone then this the best information for that guys. I provide some steps to update your phone. For your phone update you have to perform some steps given below-
Step 1-: open Google Chrome  on your smartphone. Step 2-: now on search bar .[click here]
Step 3-: After this a new tab is open like this in which you have to sign in with your google gmail Id Step 4-: After sign in you get a new tab like this.

Step 5-: Here you read the given  text (inclucule all about pre launched feature of android O with OTA , and data wiping information in some cases.) Note-:If you login with your registerd device gmail id then you get OTA…
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Top 5 free unlimited calling app for android 2017

Hello friends,As you know in Today's fast world people don't get Time for meetings that's why generally they prefer calling methods For their work and people face many problems if their clients are from other countries. But as u know some could afford all expensive methods for calling but not everyone can not afford the same .. So today I am sharing a Very useful trick by Which you can do unlimited calls any where any time with no restriction.. How it is different From other methods?
 You haven't to sign up for this Your  number Will not show It's requires less data You can call nationallyas well as internationally  It's very easy as compared to others It's totally free From every side Good quality of calling
Howy to use it?

It's very easy to use and easy going proceed and totally free from every side but in some of the other methods we have to follow some instructions and other things which is totally a time waste  so it's very effective as compare to othe…

How to download paid apps for free on android

How to download paid apps for free from play store root
Hello friends,  welcome to my site newtechnoambsan . As we know , we help to the play store to download anything(game,apps, tools etc). Some apps get us free,but we have to pay money today I am sharing a best sites to download paid android apps for free.With this trick you can now download any apps for free.As we know we work on Linux that is operating system but day by day it's becoming popular among people. The history of Linux began in 1991 with the commencement of a personal project by Finnish student lenus torvals to create a new free operating system kerne. It was bought by Google 2005. Let's move on that's trick will help how to get paid apps for free on android...

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How to install Android x-86 [nougat 7.0] on your Pc hard-drive (dual boot)

How to install Android x-86 [nougat 7.0]on your Pc hard-drive (dual boot) 1.Download the Android x-86 nougat iOS software from browser Send it to USB
2.Insert USB min of 4GB and download ISO file and start

Device:: namePartition scheme and system:: type MBR partition scheme of BIOS or UEFIFile system:: FAT32[default] Cluster size:: defaultNew volume:: depend of you(volume)Format options:: click on all boxes[✓]and click a side box[like 💽] and select iOS file
3.After completing make partition of GRUB PC for Android to be install of minimum 16GB disk size and
4.Format you PC and than reboot but reboot with USB
5.Android X86 install in to HDD
6.Choose separate FAT32 formatting partition install
7.Do not again format and the bootloader GRUB
8.than it show you in window partition and to made boot system for your window than click"yes"
9.choose skip for EFI GRUB
10.choose "yes" to made read and write.
11.Now you have to create a data.img(img as extension is important) and…

How to use Friends Facebook without friends permission

How to use Friends Facebook without friends permission
Hello friends,Irregardless of the security concerns that Facebook has suffered for many years, most people are stuck around and new members stay on joining. It has led Facebook to break record numbers with more 1.94 and approximately 1.28 billion daily active users
We share our life on Facebook We share our birthday and our anniversary We share our vacation plans and places. We share the births of our sons and the deaths of our ancestors. We share our most beloved moments and our most painful thoughts. We reveal every aspect of our life, clinical psychologists have written all the books, in which a surprisingly broad impact has been expanded on our feelings and relationships on Facebook. But we know friend some

We use Facebook as a tool to connect, but there are people who use that connectivity for malicious purposes. We show that what other people can use against us know that when we are not home and how long we went, they know th…